Demonstration near Stowey Quarry

Demonstration near Stowey Quarry

Media Coverage

The campaign to stop the landfill of Stowey Quarry with asbsestos has received a deluge of coverage by the media. Here are the links:

"Action Group Warning Over Quarry Dump", Waste Management World, 11th October 2013

"Action Group Warning over Quarry Dump", Somerset Guardian, 10th October 2013

"Residents must wait for decision on Waste", Bristol Evening Post Online, 4th October 2013

"Asbestos landfill plans defended at public inquiry", Somerset Guardian, 4th October 2013

"Asbestos landfill public inquiry to resume tomorrow", Somerset Guardian, 2nd October 2013

"Private Eye "MD" slates BANES's quarry u–turn", Chew Valley Gazette, October 2013

"Medicine Balls: Who's accountable for public health?", Private Eye, September 2013

"Phil Hammond Criticises Asbestos Quarry Stance", Western Daily Press 9th September 2013

"Group calls for help over cost to fight dump plan", The Bristol Post 9th September 2013

"Dr Phil turns to comedy and makes a stand for cause", Somerset Guardian 8th September 2013

"Experts' concerns over asbestos dump plans", Bristol Post 5th September 2013

"Chaos and confusion at the opening of Stowey Quarry planning inquiry", Somerset Guardian 3rd September 2013

"Stowey Quarry inquiry in September", Chew Valley Gazette, 26th July 2013

"Chew Valley Lake faces new public inquiry over asbestos dumping application", Youtube 20th July 2013

"Date set for Stowey Quarry Public Inquiry", BBC Online 20th July 2013

"Fresh fight against Chew Valley quarry dump plans", Bristol Evening Post 21st May 2013

"Stowey Quarry waste dump public inquiry could last five days", Somerset Guardian 20th May 2013

"Stowey Quarry asbestos dump plans go to appeal", BBC News online 20th May 2013

"Campaigners face fresh battle to stop waste dump plans at quarry", Somerset Guardian 9th May 2013

"Plans for 'asbestos dump' at Stowey Quarry refused", BBC Online 26th September 2012

"Decision due on asbestos dump at Chew quarry", Bristol Evening Post 26th September 2012

"Stowey Quarry asbestos dump plan facing defeat", Western Daily Press 24th September 2012

"Stowey Quarry asbestos plan 'should be refused'", BBC Bristol Online 21st September 2012

"Asbestos dump campaigners to hand over 4,000-name petition", Somerset Guardian, 17th August 2012

"Dr Phil Hammond's comedy gig to help support Stowey Quarry asbestos protest battle", Somerset Guardian, 17th May 2012

"Dr Phil's rude health show will raise funds for asbestos fight" Bath Chronicle, 17th May 2012

"Bath MP Don Foster's backing for asbestos dump protest", Bath Chronicle, 10th May 2012

"More time for asbestos quarry campaigners" Chew Valley Gazette, May 2012

The controversy over Stowey Quarry broadcast on BBC Points West, 27th April 2012

"Council leader challenges planners over asbestos dump health threat" Bristol Evening Post, 26th April 2012

"Stowey Quarry group hammers out opposition to asbestos dump plan" BBC Bristol, 25th April 2012

"Stowey Quarry group hammers out opposition to asbestos dump plan" Western Daily Press, 17th April 2012

"Campaigners argue their case against an asbestos landfill in in Somerset" ITV News, 16th April 2012

"Stowey Quarry campaigners to present report opposing asbestos dump proposal" Bristol Evening Post, 16th April 2012

"Report against asbestos dump" Western Daily Press, 16th April 2012

"Without their informed consent this proposal ought not to proceed" Somerset Guardian, 12th April 2012

"Asbestos Concerns Aired at Quarry" Somerset Guardian, 12th April 2012

"Water firm in fresh call to halt asbestos dump near reservoir" Bristol Evening Post, 10th April 2012

"Hazardous Waste Fight at Crucial Stage" This is Bath, 9th April 2012

"Fight against asbestos dump plan at Chew Valley quarry reaches crucial stage", Western Daily Press, 9th April 2012.

"Stowey Quarry campaign backed by MP Jacob Rees-Mogg", BBC News, Somerset, 7th April 2012 2012

"Valley Residents united in fight to stop second dump plan", Somerset Guardian, 5th April 2012

"20 days to stop Asbestos Dump", Chew Valley Gazette, April 2012

"Greed is my Valley", Private Eye, April 2012

"Residents unite to fight asbestos dump plan", Bristol Evening Post, 30th March 2012

"Protesters ready for battle in fight against Chew Valley asbestos dump plan", Bristol Evening Post, 28th March 2012)

"New Fears for Bristol's Water Supply over Asbestos", Bristol Evening Post, 16th January 2012)

"Second Chance to air views on Quarry", Bristol Evening Post, 16th January 2011)

Chew Valley Gazette, November 2011)

The Bristol Evening Post, Thursday 29th September

Jack FM, Thursday 29th September

The Somerset Guardian, Thursday 22nd September

The Bristol Evening Post, Wednesday 21st September

The Bristol Evening Post, Tuesday 20th September

The Bristol Evening Post, Thursday 15th september

The Somerset Guardian, Thursday 15th september

The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 15th september

The Times, Thursday 15th september

Bristol Evening Post, Thursday 15th september

Bristol Evening Post, Thursday 15th september

Bristol Evening Post, Thursday 15th september

BBC Radio Bristol: Clip from the Steve La Fevre show on in which Councillor Gerry Curren, Chair of BANES Planning Committee admits that "the reason for this is not that Bath and North East Somerset need another asbestos landfill site", Wednesday 14th September

BBC Radio Somerset, Wednesday 14th September (5pm slot)

Points West, Wednesday 14th September

The West Country Tonight, ITV regional news, Wednesday 14th September

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP calls for greater safeguards, Wednesday 14th September

The Western Daily Press, Tuesday 13th September

Bristol Evening Post, Tuesday 13th september

Bristol Evening Post, Monday 12th september

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