The Parish Councils' Views

Chew Stoke Parish Council:

Proposal: Restoration of Stowey Quarry by landfilling of Stable Non Reactive Hazardous Waste (SNRHW) including asbestos and inert wastes and that the application is accompanied by an environmental statement.

Chew Stoke Parish Council Object to this application on the following grounds:

1. The Valley wide road infrastructure is wholly inadequate to cope with the huge increase in HGV traffic in the area. This will lead to increased traffic problems including congestion and a wholly unacceptable increase in noise and air pollution within the conservation areas, AONB and green belt.

2. The long term harmful consequences of dumping large quantities of hazardous waste in a quarry above a major reservoir supplying drinking water to the surrounding area and Bristol are not understood sufficiently. This makes this site wholly unsuitable for this purpose.

3. The disposal of this quantity of asbestos will require it to be imported from large areas of the UK. This is in contravention of the Council's localism policy for waste disposal and increases the risk of this type of disposal due to the vehicle miles that the material will have to travel before reaching the quarry site.

Carol Wood

Clerk to Chew Stoke PC

Farrington Gurney Parish Council

Farrington Gurney Parish Council are in full sympathy with your concerns.

The idea of dumping such waste near major water supplies is deplorable and to invade our narrow roads with such a large amount of trafficis frightening.

I have conveyed our views to our District Councillor, Les Kew, who is unable to respond as he is on the planning committee.

Let me know if we can help further

Alan Parfitt


Stowey Sutton Parish Council

At the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 4th April 2012 Stowey Sutton Parish Council declared that they opposed the proposal to dump asbestos in Stowey Quarry.

Blagdon Parish Council

Blagdon Parish Council have written to David Trigwell, Director of Planning at BANES, and Diarmid Henry, Environmental Health Officer at BANES, to express their objection and dismay at the proposal:

Letter from Blagdon Parish Council to David Trigwell, Head of Planning at BANES

Letter from Blagdon Parish Council to Diarmid Henry, Environmental Health Officer at BANES

Hinton Blewett Parish Council

Objection submitted by Hinton Blewett Parish Council to BANES:

Letter from Hinton Blewett Parish Council to Development Control at BANES